If you are one of those into design and the latest trends, the rooms of The Moods Catedral will enchant you; luminous and comfortable stays designed in complete harmony with the surroundings of the hostel and of the city.

The 17 rooms of our urban hotel in Barcelona, all on the first floor of the building, pay homage to the ultimate decorative minimalism of less is more and to the preference for functional roomy spaces. To that we even add clean lines and colours that bring out the maximum serenity and balance.

Lastly, none of this would be complete without our own indistinguishable house brand, the materials: natural fibres for the walls and cabinets, handmade ceramics in the showers, benches and side tables made of wood and a textile flooring that exudes a great sense of wellbeing.

And as we understand that in decoration, to stand out distinction comes in knowing how to apply few fine details to particular places, we’ve adorned the rooms with botanical paintings and dark lamps with simple lines. Moreover, all of the rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and a perfectly integrated flat screen television in a primarily organic and natural setting.

For all of these reasons, staying in such an urban hotel like ours without missing out on a connection with the land is a gratifying experience that we invite you to try and to enjoy.

Interior Rooms

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At up to 18 m2, our four interior rooms are the most economical option at the hostel. With a basic but equally utilitarian décor, each maintains the neutral colour palette that defines the concept of our accommodations–more than anything whites and earth tones–while at the same time emphasising each one of their architectural singularities.

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Exterior rooms with balcony

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In our urban hotel in Barcelona you will enjoy the view of life being lived on the street from the comfort of our exterior rooms with a balcony. Take in the flow of the city and the rhythms of the passers-by from your room, let the wind drift by and relax because the big city is less stressful if we know we have a refuge to escape to.

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